e-Procurement Catalog Technology

About Our e-Procurement Catalog Technology

Corporate Kiosk is a hosted on-demand e-procurement catalog system from Superior Business Solutions that allows a distributed business to connect its go-to-market, supplying forms, labels, stationery, marketing, corporate identity and other materials and supplies. Corporate Kiosk’s technology empowers employees while enforcing systematic compliance with complete process transparency.

Complex, distributed businesses need to connect a vast ecosystem of end-users (desktops and mobile) on a single platform. Moreover, on that same platform, these users must be connected to their supply, procurement, purchasing, and fulfillment services in order to perform at optimum efficiency. Corporate Kiosk allows any distributed business to connect, order, comply, fulfill, and receive goods and services through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application that requires no capital expenditure and does not rely on internal Corporate IT for support. Compliance with procurement contracts, data security, and corporate purchasing rules as well as multi-jurisdiction taxation compliance is automated and standard. Maverick spending is eliminated at the system level.  

Access to a compliant e-procurement catalog that also integrates with existing ERP and procurement systems is standard. Usage is controlled and can be implemented for 1% to 100% of the Corporate Ecosystem depending on need and timetable, eliminating maverick spending at the system level. Corporate Kiosk is custom configured to support your company's specific policies and workflow.