e-Procurement Catalog Technology

e-Procurement Solutions

Manage your employees, sales reps, channel partners, branches, franchisees purchases in a highly-distributed environment

Let's start by reviewing what today's complex, highly-distributed businesses are dealing with. From companies with direct reps to retail and branch-based organizations to franchisors and VAR-based models, the squeeze is on.

New economic realities mean that companies must:

  • Eliminate dead cost from operations while maintaining service levels
  • Solve problems with OpEx, because CapEx isn't available to buy or build solutions
  • Leverage investments in existing technologies, such as procurement and ERP systems
  • Bring more spend under management without throttling innovation in the field
  • Maintain compliance with brand and legal standards

Corporate Kiosk e-procurement catalog technology manages how your employees, sales reps, channel partners, branches, franchisees, etc., order and receive goods and supplies they need to do their jobs.