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How Much Can Your Company Save?

In a moment you'll be asked to enter some data about your company. First, let's review the key challenges associated with controlling and measuring indirect spend internally and across an extended footprint of remote operating units, e.g. branches, stores, partner operations, reps and agents, etc.

First, consider that 70% of employee requisitioning originates from the field. Extending systems to the field can be costly. Second, the products required by employees, sales reps, channel partners and others to do their jobs span many categories, and some are complex.

The major Employee Requisition Categories are:

  • Sales & Marketing Collateral
  • Samples
  • Corporate Identity-business cards, stationery
  • Office Supplies
  • Promotional Products
  • Forms / Labels

When you factor in distance, broad product mix and complexity, poor data quality, lack of standardized processes, fluctuating demand, the need for quick turnaround and interoperability requirements, you can see that cost reduction potential is huge, but so is the cost of traditional solutions.