e-Procurement Catalog Technology

Hosted e-Procurement Catalog | Integrates with ERP & Procurement

Corporate Kiosk attacks the gap between ERP and Procurement Systems.

Is this a Real Problem?

What gap? Based on high cost and poor usability, it is impossible to deploy ERP and Procurement Systems to the remote desktop: branches, field reps, partners, VARs, dealer networks, retail outlets, franchisees, etc. Procurement systems address the science of direct goods sourcing, while ERP systems integrate detailed transactional data across the enterprise. The "regular person" who has a job to do each and every day is left standing in the gap. The result: maverick spending.

Corporate Kiosk is a software plug-in technology designed to integrate with existing ERP and procurement systems. It's compatible with SAP, Ariba, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Seibel, and other enterprise software solutions. Corporate Kiosk e-procurement catalog technology is the only way to cost-effectively deploy a user-friendly experience for your distributed user community to procure marketing, promotion, corporate identity, forms, labels, stationery, and other materials.