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How Corporate Kiosk Addresses the Seven Wastes Identified in LEAN

The Seven Wastes

Some Related Questions

Corporate Kiosk’s Approach


Can some tasks be done in parallel rather than in series?

Corporate Kiosk allows approvals to happen in parallel to reduce Cycle Time.


Can the process be configured to move product to the next operation, rather than have people do the moving?

With Corporate Kiosk's XML Integration, the order can move directly into and through the ERP system to eliminate re-keying at the order entry, production, shipping and reconciliation steps.

Processing Itself

Can some tasks be combined or eliminated?

Corporate Kiosk can be configured for replenishment as well as for new orders.


What aids, such as fixtures, new equipment, or special tools, could speed up the process?

Corporate Kiosk can be configured to allow multiple shipping locations for a single order. Corporate Kiosk is available on-demand from anywhere at anytime.

Poor “Quality”

Where can mistake-proofing be used to eliminate or reduce errors or rework?

The elimination of re-keying has been proven to reduce errors. In addition, the visual approval process eliminates the time and errors associated with phone, fax and email-based approval systems.


Is WIP (inventory) needed just-in-case or can we operate without it?

Corporate Kiosk allows an organization to display inventory available and to set thresholds for re-order. Thumbnail images of products eliminate the practice of "ordering just to see what it looks like."


Can the operation produce to order rather than produce for inventory?

Reductions in cycle time and improved demand visibility across the entire ecosystem give companies the confidence needed to wean themselves from safety stock.