e-Procurement Catalog Technology

e-Procurement Catalog Solution | Ecosystem-wide Scalability  

How is Corporate Kiosk different?


Corporate Kiosk solves the major problems that plague ERP, e-procurement and proprietary supplier-sponsored portals. Those problems are, namely:

  • Can't scale to the extended ecosystem desktop
  • Difficult to use
  • No consolidated view of indirect spend
  • No unified, standard buying experience

In contrast, Corporate Kiosk offers rapid, cost-effective deployment in 90 days or less via on-demand architecture. The system ensures brand integrity and timely delivery of messages - never again will new initiatives be undermined by obsolete inventory still in use in the field.  Corporate Kiosk accommodates multi-vendor strategies in a single technology. It also eliminates non-value add activities and frees your most important asset: people.