e-Procurement Catalog Technology

The Problem

Is this a problem worth
caring about?

Yes. This is a pain felt by many but often owned by no one. And it can be very expensive.

  • Indirect spend (office products, printed material, promotional products, apparel, samples) totals 3% to 10% of typical enterprise revenue
  • Manual processes and maverick spending cost companies ~$50 per transaction and put corporate purchasing contracts at risk
  • Visibility into spend patterns and supplier performance is fragmented
  • Brand integrity is compromised
  • Client/Server enterprise spend management software and ERP systems do not scale to the desktop because of high costs and poor usability

Moreover, traditional requisition-to-reconciliation systems can't manage internal charge-backs or consolidate spend enterprise-wide. Supplier-sponsored technologies may seem like the answer, until your company has several of them. Consolidated reporting is impossible, and adoption falters because "there are six different systems and workflows for the five things I need to order..."