e-Procurement Catalog Technology

Store / Branch Management | e-Procurement Catalog Benefits

Users perform the daily tactical tasks required to move the business forward while complying with corporate policy

Control Who Has Access, What They Can Order or Modify, and How Orders Are Processed

In environments with high turnover, seasonal employment and specialized functions, it's important to control all aspects of the requisition process and implement a single system that's easy to use and easy to explain. In fast-paced environments where the customer experience is planned down to the hour, you can't afford the wrong stuff on time or the right stuff late. The Corporate Kiosk e-procurement catalog user experience can be locked down very tightly to ensure accuracy at each step.

All You Need Is a Web Browser

Corporate Kiosk is a 100% Web-based application that provides a buying experience equal to the best consumer sites. If you can shop on Amazon.com, you already know how to requisition on Corporate Kiosk.

Reduce Total Cycle Time

"It would be nice if the uniform showed up while the people still work here." That's a sad but true, and all too common, complaint from stores, branches and franchise outlets. A major contributor to maverick spending is corporate's inability to deliver the right materials on time. Corporate Kiosk e-procurement catalog technology reduces cycle time by automating paper-based processes and eliminating re-keying of order data.

Compliance is Built-In

You don't need to know the purchasing rules or policies associated with your role, your company, the product you're ordering, or the supplier you’re ordering from. All relevant rules are systematized. Compliance increases while your time spent on administrative tasks decreases. You can’t break the rules...simply using the system means the rules are being followed.

Personalize and Localize All Marketing Material

To be successful in your specific markets, you need the ability to leverage the power of your brand and your local presence in conjunction with a corporate brand. Corporate Kiosk allows you to tailor marketing campaigns and point-of-sale materials to suit your needs while preserving the integrity of the corporate brand. And there are no time-wasting approval cycles via phone, fax, and email. Compliance to standards is built into the system.