e-Procurement Catalog Technology

Sales Management | e-Procurement Catalog Benefits

Sales Management enables the sales force to order and receive current materials more efficiently to boost productivity and ensure consistent delivery of the latest messages

Solve the Problem Once for All Your Channels

If you're responsible for driving revenue in a hybrid channel, you know it can be difficult to deploy corporate systems such as CRM and requisitioning evenly and consistently. Often the indirect channel is forced to accept something less than the direct channel. Corporate Kiosk solves this problem. Corporate Kiosk e-procurement catalog technology can be configured to provide identical buying experiences to all desktops, or configured behind the scenes to enforce certain rules for certain groups. For example, you may want direct reps to pay by PO but require new partners to pay by credit card for a period of time.

Increase Time Actually Selling

Nothing is more frustrating for Sales Management than seeing precious, finite selling time gobbled up by administrative tasks. Corporate Kiosk automates the ordering and approval of sales collateral, promotional items, trade show kits, stationary, forms, business cards, and much more. In doing so, your field sales force has more time to spend with prospects and customers. And there's no need to train users on multiple systems. Corporate Kiosk consolidates ordering into a single user experience—which means it’s convenient for your team and it gives you comprehensive reporting.

End the War with Marketing

There is a way to re-establish a healthy partnership with Marketing. Corporate Kiosk e-procurement catalog technology. Marketing wants adherence to brand standards, rapid rollout of new campaigns and no obsolete materials circulating in the field. You want the materials your sales force needs when they need them without jumping through hoops or being forced to learn a different system for every category of product required in the field. Corporate Kiosk offers compliance, one-stop shopping and field empowerment simultaneously.

Drive Rapid, Thorough Adoption

The only thing your reps and resellers need is an Internet connection and a Web browser. Corporate Kiosk is a 100% Web-based application that provides a buying experience equal to the best consumer sites. It’s open for business at anytime, from anywhere. If your team can shop on Amazon.com, they already know how to requisition on Corporate Kiosk. And the system that’s easy to use gets used.