e-Procurement Catalog Technology

Legal Compliance | e-Procurement Catalog Benefits

Legal ensures that the data used throughout its distributed communities remains the property of the company and the company complies with multi-jurisdictional regulations

Protect Ownership of Data Used Throughout Distributed Communities

Corporate Kiosk e-procurement catalog technology ensures that data used throughout its distributed communities remains the property of the company. You control and limit who has access to data. 

Ensure Go-To-Market Marketing Message and Content Meet Legal Compliance

With Corporate Kiosk e-procurement catalog technology, you can control content in go-to-market materials including marketing and promotional materials, forms, contracts, and other materials. You can ensure marketing message, competitive claims, disclosures, disclaimers, and other language and content is legally compliant with local, state, and federal consumer protection laws, trademark and copyright protection laws, and other legislative and regulatory requirements. 

Ensure SOX Multi-Jurisdictional Sales and Use Tax Compliance

Distributed companies often cross multi-jurisdictional boundaries and must collect and remit to a variety of taxing authorities for sales/use taxes on products sold, rented or leased.  As a result of Sarbanes-Oxley legislation, companies found to be non-compliant face substantial penalties. With Corporate Kiosk, we assume the responsibility for sorting out the tax compliance issues—including the necessary use taxes—on marketing, promotional, and other materials ordered through Corporate Kiosk. We fulfill and ship materials to multiple locations for you, assume the use tax reporting and payment responsibility in the process, and report and charge back the appropriate taxes, relieving your finance or corporate tax department of the burden and overhead of managing this complex tax compliance issue.