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Finance & Accounting | e-Procurement Catalog Benefits

Finance consolidates reporting in parts of the business often labeled "impossible to track". Improved accuracy increases the amount of spend-under management boosting operating margins. Waste inherent in data errors and lack of process control is eliminated, ensuring compliance with existing security and reporting standards.

Approve Requisitions, Not Invoices

When employees hit Check Out, Corporate Kiosk can automatically create a requisition and email the right person for approval. Approvers can ok a purchase right from email. No more ask-forgiveness-not-permission purchasing and no more waiting until you see an expense report to find out someone bought something he or she shouldn't have.

Understand the Big Picture

Corporate Kiosk provides comprehensive reporting to track spending across the extended enterprise by product, category, cost center, franchisee, branch, rep, channel partner, etc. A global, consolidated view of spend activity is simply not possible when companies adopt multiple supplier-sponsored buying platforms. And because forcing multiple buying methods on the field will kill adoption, manually consolidated data won't be accurate anyway.

Ensure Compliance with Purchasing Rules

Employees have been known to break rules, but software does what you tell it to do. Why rely on other people to choose the right vendors and secure the proper approvals? Corporate Kiosk allows you to systematize compliance with approval rules and ensure that contracted spending programs are followed and maximized. The benefits are obvious, but the fortunate by-product is rapid, complete adoption of the system in the field because field-based users are freed from having to know policy and procedure. Corporate Kiosk handles that for them!

Eliminate Maverick Spending

The amount of spend under management has a direct and dramatic effect on operating expenses. You'll drive better pricing from vendors and eliminate time spent by accounting staff trying to uncover and decipher rogue spending hidden inside expense reports.

Free Up Cash with Better Demand Planning

If you are responsible for a centralized inventory management capability that supplies field-based operations, one of your primary challenges is predicting and responding to demand in a manner that satisfies the field's need for quick turnaround without tying up precious cash in inventory. Corporate Kiosk gives you consolidated, real-time reporting of historical order activity and the ability to react quickly to new order activity.

Avoid Separate Technology from Multiple Suppliers

Deploying multiple buying sites to the field pose difficulties with varying applications discourage adoption in the field and collectively lack consolidated reporting. Seldom can supplier’s product and its technology be decoupled and consolidated into one buying site. Purchasing and procurement using Corporate Kiosk gives your company a single system with flexibility, control, and the benefits of workflow automation customized for your company’s processes.

Ensure Multi-Jurisdictional Sales and Use Tax Compliance

Distributed companies often cross multi-jurisdictional boundaries and must collect and remit to a variety of taxing authorities for sales/use taxes on products sold, rented or leased.  As a result of Sarbanes-Oxley legislation, companies found to be non-compliant face substantial penalties. With Corporate Kiosk, we assume the responsibility for sorting out the tax compliance issues—including the necessary use taxes—on marketing, promotional, and other materials ordered through Corporate Kiosk. We fulfill and ship materials to multiple locations for you, assume the use tax reporting and payment responsibility in the process, and report and charge back the appropriate taxes, relieving your finance or corporate tax department of the burden and overhead of managing this complex tax compliance issue.