e-Procurement Catalog Technology

Marketing | e-Procurement Catalog Benefits

Marketing delivers current messaging and campaign materials faster and more efficiently and controls the brand in highly distributed, multi-tiered go-to-market models.

Control Your Brand

Many large companies invest heavily in brand development and strategy. This investment can be squandered if brand assets get altered and brand guidelines ignored in the field. Corporate Kiosk ensures brand integrity by allowing Marketing to lock down critical brand elements without stifling creativity in the field and without trying to police cumbersome approval processes.

End the War with Sales

There is a way to re-establish a healthy partnership with Sales. Corporate Kiosk e-procurement catalog technology. You want adherence to brand standards, rapid rollout of new campaigns and no obsolete materials circulating in the field. Sales wants the materials it needs when it needs them without jumping through hoops or being forced to learn a different system for every product category required in the field. Corporate Kiosk offers compliance, one-stop shopping and field empowerment simultaneously.

Reduce Waste and Eliminate Obsolescence

For Marketers, conversations that begin with "Did you know that the rep/partner in Boise is still sending out last month's promo?" are always bad. Corporate Kiosk e-procurement catalog technology eliminates hording of materials in the field, which in turn eliminates the delivery of obsolete, incorrect messaging to customers and prospects. How? Corporate Kiosk is simple to use, which leads to mass adoption. And only current, approved materials are available for ordering. A follow-on benefit is reduced costs as the field learns that it doesn’t need safety stock.