e-Procurement Catalog Technology

Operations & Logistics | e-Procurement Catalog Benefits

Distributed Operations manages distribution of supplies and materials necessary to equip remote locations. Procurement ensures compliance with corporate spend contracts and eliminates maverick spending.

Slash Overhead Costs with Complete Workflow Automation

Corporate Kiosk streamlines the entire requisition-to-reconcile process, with savings every step of the way. Employees save time by using a simple, context-aware shopping cart to place orders in seconds. Managers approve purchases right from email. Requisitions can be automatically routed.  

Reduce Total Cycle Time

A major contributor to maverick spending is corporate's inability to deliver the right materials on time. We've all heard strange-but-true examples, such as the franchise owner who would simply like to receive new window banners while the promotions is going on!  Corporate Kiosk e-procurement catalog technology reduces cycle time by automating paper-based processes and eliminating re-keying of order data.

Control Who Has Access, What They Can Order or Modify, and How Orders are Processed

In environments with high turnover, seasonal employment, and specialized functions, it's important to control all aspects of the requisition process and implement a single system that's easy to use and easy to explain. In fast-paced environments where the customer experience is planned down to the hour, you can't afford the wrong stuff on time or the right stuff late. The Corporate Kiosk e-procurement catalog user experience can be locked down very tightly to ensure accuracy at each step.

Ensure Compliance with Purchasing Rules

Employees have been known to break rules, but software does what you tell it to do. Why rely on other people to choose the right vendors and secure the proper approvals? Corporate Kiosk allows you to systematize compliance with approval rules and ensure that contracted spending programs are followed and maximized. The benefits are obvious, but the fortunate by-product is rapid, complete adoption of the system in the field because field-based users are freed from having to know policy and procedure. Corporate Kiosk handles that for them!

Avoid Separate Technology from Multiple Suppliers

Deploying multiple buying sites to the field pose difficulties with varying applications that discouraging adoption in the field and collectively lack consolidated reporting. Seldom can supplier’s product and its technology be decoupled and consolidated into one buying site. Purchasing and procurement using Corporate Kiosk gives your company a single system with flexibility, control, and the benefits of workflow automation customized for your company’s processes.

Integrate It with your Existing ERP and Procurement Systems

The time, costs, and challenges associated with adoption of new technologies and the potential for disruption to operations through transitioning create barriers to change. Corporate Kiosk is different. Corporate Kiosk is a software plug-in technology designed to integrate with existing ERP and procurement systems. It's compatible with SAP, Ariba, Oracle, PeopleSoft,Seibel and other enterprise software solutions—ensuring easy, seamless integration.