e-Procurement Catalog Technology

Business Improvement Team | e-Procurement Catalog Benefits

Management ensures that "more is done with less" in an era of cost cutting and restructuring

Eliminate waste across the entire ecosystem

LEAN teams appreciate Corporate Kiosk e-procurement catalog technology for its ability to eliminate manual, error-prone processes quickly. And Corporate Kiosk can be deployed on a massive scale, creating permanent cost reductions in traditionally "hard to reach" areas like field operations.

Self-Service Enablement

Corporate Kiosk can be configured to provide various levels of self-service to the users and groups placing orders. Order tracking and reporting are two common examples. Giving users controlled access to help themselves eliminates the need for Shared Services to field the "Where’s my stuff?" phone call and allows the team to focus on value-added activities.

Avoid Separate Technology from Multiple Suppliers

Deploying multiple buying sites to the field pose difficulties with varying applications that discouraging adoption in the field and collectively lack consolidated reporting. Seldom can supplier’s product and its technology be decoupled and consolidated into one buying site. Purchasing and procurement using Corporate Kiosk gives your company a single system with flexibility, control, and the benefits of workflow automation customized for your company’s processes.

Eliminate Maverick Spending

The amount of spend under management has a direct and dramatic effect on operating expenses. You'll drive better pricing from vendors and eliminate time spent by accounting staff trying to uncover and decipher rogue spending hidden inside expense reports.