e-Procurement Catalog Technology

Shared Services | e-Procurement Catalog Benefits

Shared Services converges and streamlines an organizational functions ensuring efficient delivery of services

Shared Services refers to the provision of a service by one part of a company where that service had previously been provided in more than one part of the organization. Thus the funding and resourcing of the service is shared and the providing department effectively becomes an internal service provider. Shared Services converges and streamlines an organization's functions to ensure services shared are delivered effectively and efficiently.  A key advantage of this convergence is that it enables economies of scale.

Ensure Compliance with Purchasing Rules

Employees have been known to break rules, but software does what you tell it to do. Why rely on other people to choose the right vendors and secure the proper approvals? Corporate Kiosk e-procurement catalog technology allows you to systematize compliance with approval rules and ensure that contracted spending programs are followed and maximized. The benefits are obvious, but the fortunate by-product is rapid, complete adoption of the system in the field because field-based users are freed from having to know policy and procedure. Corporate Kiosk handles that for them!

Reduce Manual Workload

Automation of manual processes reduces errors and improves total cycle time. When you consider that most research indicates manual processing of internal orders can drive the cost per order well over $50, automating even a portion of the "req-to-check" cycle using Corporate Kiosk e-procurement catalog technology can drive significant savings.

Enable Self-Service

Corporate Kiosk can be configured to provide various levels of self-service to the users and groups placing orders. Order tracking and reporting are two common examples. Giving users controlled access to help themselves eliminates the need for Shared Services to field the "Where’s my stuff?" phone call, and allows the team to focus on value-added activities.